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The first podcast for Olim interested in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry.

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- Season 3 -

A Masterclass on Creativity
Jonathan Kahn, Founder & CEO
Season 3, Episode 2

Jonathan is the creative and marketing brain behind severals successful Israeli startups.

He has helped Wix, Mobileye, Moovit, Facebook, and more came up with impactful campaigns.

Some describe him as a “creative ball of energy”, and we believe 100% that you will also agree with this description after watching this episode.

This episode focuses on creativity. How can we unlock our creative brains?

As a company creativity helps you stand out, and achieve your goals in ways you didn't think possible at all...

Well, do you see the parallelism? Creativity also helps you if you are a new immigrant to a new country where you must succeed.

Tune in to unlock your creative brain.

Interviewing with a Startup CEO
Yoav Vilner, Founder & CEO
Season 3, Episode 1

A new Hummus and Tech season is out!

On our first episode we brought you Yoav Vilner, a serial entrepreneur, born and raised in Israel. He has recently launched his new startup (and he's hiring!).

In this episode you'll learn what works and what doesn't work when interviewing with a startup founder, and how Olim can reinvent themselves when finding their first job in hi-tech.

Wait till you hear the story of the vet 🐶 becoming the best content writer on his previous company 😉

- Season 2 -

Corona Crush
Episode 18 - Videocast

During every crisis, there’s room for opportunity.

Meet Ian and Bracha, two highly influential people in the olim world who decided that feeling alone during these unprecedented times was not the only option.

Together, they created Corona Crush, a private Facebook Group, where members can post about single friends that are ready to e-mingle.

The word of mouth spread faster than they expected. The group now has over 13 K members, from different corners of the globe - trying to find love and friendship during Covid times.

Listen to this episode to learn how to create something great, even when everything seems to be upside down.

Where does the funding for all these startups come from?
Episode 17 [Before Corona]

Sit back and relax. Let us take you on a trip to the past, before Corona times.

We hope this episode recorded a few months ago, when everything was chill, will let you escape from your "which-day-is-it" routine.

Now, let's turn up the beat! (I mean, continue reading but with a smile and a faster pace)

For the first time in Hummus and Tech, we are covering the other side of the coin: where does the money to fund all the cool and innovative companies come from?

Meet Lia, a Principal at UpWest, a Silicon Valley-based seed fund investing in Israeli startups, who will tell us all about the VC ecosystem in Israel.

Corona, Isolation & Working From Home
Episode 16 - Facebook Live!

Pandemia, isolation, quarantine, working from home, boredom, uncertainty, paranoia and productivity challenges.

We are all going through it. Tough times, we know.

Let us bring you some joy and tips from our 3 guests on our first ever live Hummus and Tech episode!

How to Learn from Failure
Episode 15

Leora had failures. Kevin had failures. Maggie had failures. Who didn't have any failures?
The question is, how do we learn from it and make something great?
Leora brought Fuck Up Nights to Israel exactly to tackle this question.

So if you ever had a failure, do not worry.
It's just part of the process.
Relax and listen up on how to turn a fuck up into a golden experience.

The X-Factor that Will Get You Hired with Leora @ Fuck Up Nights (Part 1)
Episode 14

Let us start by acknowledging that this was such an insightful conversation that we lost track of time and recorded for almost an hour. We didn’t want to leave anything out so we decided to split the episode in two.

In this two-part episode, we sat with Leora Golomb who works at eBay as an Innovation & Tech Ecosystem Relations Manager and is also the Founder & Director of FuckUp Nights Tel Aviv.

With that being said - just hit play to understand how to leverage your advantages as an Oleh when looking for a job, how to build a network from scratch and how to discover your X-Factor that will get you hired.
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Are the best sellers born or made?
Episode 13

What does it take to be a great seller in a hi-tech company? This is what we asked Shelbi, a Sales Team Lead at Guesty.

Her story is quite particular: She learned about Guesty while on the Hummus Trail, and initially interviewed for another position.

Tune in to discover how she got the job she wanted, and how you can incorporate the best traits from salespeople in your daily job, or job search.

From the Diamond Industry to a successful VP of Product Strategy
Episode 12

Avigayil Lewin always wanted to work in the hi-tech industry. But as soon as she landed in Israel she found her first job doing marketing in the diamond industry.

She continued in a similar position, but relocated to Hong Kong for a few years. And when she decided to come back she couldn’t find any job in the hi-tech world.

So… she started freelancing, and one thing led to another thing. She got a permanent job as a customer success manager and later on, started managing the whole department. But that’s not it! Now she also leads Product Strategy.

What a ride! Right?
Just hear it from herself!

In this episode she recounts her story and all the key takeaways she learned along the way. All about interviewing, working and succeeding at startups.

The Power of Video
Episode 11

We are launching our second season with a value-packed episode.

Meet Sivan and Barak.
No, they are not a couple. They are siblings and they are taking over the video industry in Israel, with their company Two Heads.

With their strong portfolio and knowledge, they have experienced everything you can think of. From creating a video for a fundraiser at the early beginnings of YouTube to becoming one of the leading video companies in Israel.

Listen to this episode and understand why videos are the one thing you should be doing to promote not only your business but yourself.

Check out the Marketing conference mentioned in this episode.

- Season 1 -

Episode 10 - Season Finale with Eden, Software Engineer @ Lemonade

Everyone, listen up! This is our first ever Season Finale!

Episode 10 marks the end of this amazing journey for our first season of Hummus and Tech.

We wanted to say goodbye in a spectacular way with the super accomplished, Eden Adler.

Eden joined Lemonade - the hot startup that just raised $300 million - as one of their first employees just out of a coding bootcamp.

With only 3 years in Israel, she is now a Software Engineer and runs What The Tech, a side project with the goal of making programming accessible to everyone.

We said super accomplished, right? Eden is also a co-founder of Olim in Tech, and Women of the Startup Nation.

This episode is full of advice for aspiring or junior developers, and anyone who wants to get into the hi-tech industry in Israel.

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Episode 9 - The Tipping Point, Fundraising & Tech for the Social Good

Tech is not just for techies. And it can be used for the social good - while making profit at the same time!

Gaby started at corporate and decided to jump into Social.
She is now helping Israeli Arabs and Orthodox jews get into the hi-tech industry, and other social initiatives to bridge the gap between communities.

After 12 years, Gaby is back on her "honey moon" phase. And in this episode, we covered EVERYTHING.
From meeting new friends, learning the language, millennial leaves, and fundraising tips that can help you in any business relationship.

Put on your headphones and press PLAY now!

Episode 8 - Rosh Gadol and Social Media

Amy, also known as @theasianisraeli, is an influencer and social media expert.

She told us all about how she discovered her identity and passion for Israel.

From non-profits to startups, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv - we covered everything!

Tune in to understand the true meaning of Rosh Gadol!

Episode 7 - Why you should join a Coding Bootcamp

Have you met Ben? Benjamin Aronov was once a student at Le Wagon, a worldwide Coding Bootcamp, and is now a full-stack developer and one of the organisers and teachers of the program.
Get the chance to listen to his journey and what's life like during and after going through a coding bootcamp.

Bonus! Discover how Le Wagon solves the chicken and egg problem for junior developers trying to land their first job as junior developers, considering all job offers require minimum years of experience.

Episode 6 - When Soccer Meets Technology

Let us introduce you to David Schumann, Product Manager at @Minute Media, the company that managed to bring technology to football.

We spoke about the challenges of moving to Israel and adapting to the local work environment, as well as his famous (and huge!) side project @interaliyahclub, the first all-olim football club.

Listen to his advice and score big in the job market!

200 job searches, 47 interviews, 4 offers - Lessons Learned by Software & Data Engineer

Meet Alex! After one year of travelling around the world he finally settled down in Tel Aviv.

He worked as a waiter while interviewing for different data engineering positions. Now he is a Data Engineer at Namogoo, building all the infrastructure to handle billions of interactions that detect fraud and save ecommerce store thousands of dollars.

In this episode we talk about the challenges, the rejections and how to overcome them in this highly competitive job market.
Is there a way to improve your job searching skills?How can you gain experience before getting a job that requires certain experience?Do you know the difference between a Data Engineer, a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst?
Tune in to find out!

Episode 4 - Re-Branding Yourself for the Israeli Job Market

In this episode, Pamela Pompas, Olah from Córdoba, Argentina shares with us her journey into the Promised Land. Also, she explains how the Gvahim program helped her rebrand herself to get her first job as an Influencer Marketing.

Tune in to learn her tips on the Influencer Marketing industry and navigating the Israeli culture to succeed.

Episode 3 - Data Mastery in Israel & How To Get Started
Today's episode is all about Data Mastery: how to be data-driven and how to get started even if you are not an engineer.

Our guest, Lauren Glass knows all the ins-and-outs of Data and Olim!
Data Engineer at @Facebook, author of 2 books on Data Mastery, and Co-Founder of @OlimInTech.

Just hit play! She will tell us about her incredible journey, why she loves data, how it can help you advance in your career, and about networking in Israel.

This episode is a must-listen if you are looking to improve your career skills, be data driven or even start at a Data position.

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Episode 2 - Finding Your Voice and Being Creative in the Hi-Tech World
Our second episode is out!

Margot, former Content Strategist at @Playbuzz, now Marketing Writer @Wix was with us to tell us her journey since she made Aliyah.

Be prepared to learn a valuable lesson about how to market yourself, and enjoy it along the way!

Episode 1 - Landing your First Job in the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry
We are so excited to launch our Episode 1 of Hummus and Tech 🤩 , the first podcast by and for Olim interested in the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry.

Whether you are living in Israel or you are thinking of making Aliyah, already working in a hi-tech company or not, if you are interested in technology, startups or business this podcast is for you!

In this first episode we will discuss some tips & tricks that will definitely help you land your first job in the coolest industries in Israel.

Connect with us on our Instagram @HummusAndTech, see you there!